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Need A Ride?

IL Public Transit System Map

  • Below is a hyperlink to download a PDF IL Public Transit system map and contact information (both by HSTP Region and alphabetically by county). On the second page of this document, a hyper-linked table of contents is provided to easily navigate through the document.
  • First interactive maps below are provided to look up contact information and FY14 ridership of your public transit system by urban area or county. Second interactive map below, shows FY14 ridership, public transit systems within, and the contact information for the IL state legislature representative districts.
  • For both interactive maps, either click on the geography of interest and/or use the "i" circle icon on the upper right corner to navigate the different layers. (Note that due to the zoom feature in the maps, you may have to use the right scroll bar to go from one map to the other.)

Download System Map & Contacts Click Here

View larger map

View larger map